U18 Climbing


U18 climbers are unable to climb within the centre without permission from a parent or guardian.

U18s must also be supervised by an experienced climber, or sign up to one of our instructor led sessions. 



1. Parent supervision

If you are an experienced climber, over the age of 18, you will be able to supervise up to 2 children whilst in the centre (1 child if aged 5-6). You must have completed one of our sessions or climbed at least 3 times before and will be asked a few safety questions by our staff. If you have never climbed before, not to worry, you can book yourself and your child or children onto one of our family induction courses.




2. Teens aged  14-17


If you come along with an experienced adult (see experienced climber info above) then you may climb if supervised by them. However, if you are a competent climber aged 14-17, you can book onto a junior assessment. This 45 min session will assess your knowledge and understanding of centre etiquette, after which (if successful) you will be able to climb unsupervised in the centre. We will still require parental consent before you can complete one of these sessions, a parent or guardian must pre-register the climber using the link below.



3. Younger Climbers 


We run a number of weekly sessions for age groups between 5 and 14. The sessions involve lots of fun climbing games combined with technique. You can sign up your children up to one of our young climbers sessions using the links below.




Rock Monkeys (5-6)


PRICE: £13

DURATION: 45mins


Rock Monkeys is the perfect environment for younger children to begin their climbing adventure. With sessions focused around group activities and high energy games, by the end of the session they'll be worn out but raring to go again next week. 

Rock Stars (7-14)

PRICE: £13

DURATION: 45mins


Climbing is a great confidence builder and our Rock Stars group sessions are brilliant for children of all abilities. Whether new to the sport or a little more experienced our instructors will look to build on some fundamental techniques whilst keeping things fun. 

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