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What should I wear climbing?

There's no dress code for our climbing centre, we just advise that you wear comfortable fitting clothes, and general sports gear usually works best.

What equipment do I need?

All you need to go bouldering is a pair of climbing shoes and some chalk. If you don't have your own gear you'll be able to rent some from us. 

Do I need to book before turning up?

If you've climbed before then you don't need to book, before arriving. However, it would make your registration process much speedier if you could read our safety policy prior to arriving.

What if I've not climbed before?

We highly recommend booking onto one of our intro sessions.  Anyone climbing at The Nest must read and fully understand our safety policy. You will be asked a few safety questions before you start If you are unable to answer these questions correctly, you will be asked to book onto one of our induction courses.

How old do I need to be to climb?

Anyone from the age of 7+ can climb in the centre however all U18s must be supervised by an experienced adult climber. If you've not climbed before but want to supervised your child in then you can book onto one of our family induction session.


Alternatively, you can book your kids onto one of our kids group sessions with one of our qualified instructors. 


Can experienced U18s climb unsupervised?

Experienced climbers aged 14-17 can book onto a junior assessment test which will allow them to climb unsupervised.

Do I need to be able do 100 pull-ups to climb?

Absolutely not! The routes in our gym are graded by difficulty and suitable for total beginners right through to experts.  There are many strings to a climbers bow, and whilst strength can be useful for more advanced climbs, balance and flexibility are just as important at all levels.

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