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Technique Workshops

Three instructed sessions to take your climbing to the next level!​

PRICE: £30 each or all 3 for £75 

DURATION: 60mins


AGE: 18+


Do you feel like you've got to grips with the basics of climbing and now really want to push on through the grades? Our technique workshops may be what you're looking for. If you're climbing in the V1-V3 range we've got some great sessions lined up for you. Our experienced coaches will take you through some key techniques that often act as an obstacle to those looking to progress, and you can either book onto a single session or all three for a discounted price!

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Footwork is so important to bouldering for one simple reason: your legs are stronger than your arms, so proper footwork enables you to use more lower body and less upper body. Your legs have greater strength, power, and endurance than your arms.

In this session we'll cover the basics of footwork in climbing, covering basic footwork techniques and showing you drills you can work on to help you to understand how to best use your feet on the wall to improve your climbing ability.

When climbing, gravity is your number one enemy, but it can also be your friend. In order to avoid swinging or falling, you’ve got to make nice. Being aware of your center of gravity allows you to counterbalance, using your own weight to maintain balance and stay on the wall. You could have strong fingers or be able to do loads of pull-ups but if you’re not thinking about the equilibrium of your body on the wall, you’re not climbing efficiently. Without proper balance technique, we unnecessarily fatigue our muscles by trying to force our way up the wall, fighting against our own centre of gravity the whole way.

In this session we'll cover the basics of balance in climbing, helping you to understand how to best use your body to stay in balance when on the wall, allowing you to climb more efficiently.

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The dreaded overhang! When starting out on our climbing journey this can be an imposing part of the wall that we may find ourselves avoiding. But if you're to improve as a climber then we must face down our fear and tackle this tough terrain.

In this session our experienced coaches will introduce you to a number of techniques to help improve your climbing on the overhanging sections of the wall. We will run you through techniques such as drop knees, twist locks, flagging and the use of dynamic movement to reduce the reliance on the use of your arms and maximize the use of your whole bodies chain in order to overcome these steeper angles.

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