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Our gym has now more than doubled in size!

We now have an extensive gym facility over two mezzanine levels, the equipment we have on offer includes:

- Treadmills

- Bikes

- Rowing Machine

- Cable Pulley Machine

- Chest Press

- Shoulder Press

- Leg Press

- Leg Curl

- Leg Extension

- Lat Pull Down

- Low Row

- Dumbells

- Barbells

- Squat Racks

- Kettlebells

We also have a separate fitness studio space hosting fantastic classes on a daily basis. The best news of all is this is all included in our membership!! 

Come down and check us out, we'd be more than happy to show you round.

Personal Training


If you're looking for a tailored, planned approach to your fitness you could benefit from some personal training. We offer personal training to our members here at The Nest, with exclusive use of the fitness studio for PT sessions.

Our Trainers:


Amrit Sohal

Amrit not only runs our incredibly popular Strength Class, but also works here as out primary PT. He has a wealth of experience in strength and conditioning, a degree in health, nutrition and exercise, and a whole array of coaching qualifications. Amrit works with a wide range of clients, from those starting their fitness journey all the way through to performance athletes.


Consultation (30mins): Free for existing members or £10*

Single Session: £55

4 Session: £205

8 Session: £365

12 Sessions: £485

*Consultation fee is refundable against any membership product brought.

For any other queries please give us a call on 02039903449 or send an email to

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