Route Setting

A climbing centre is only as good as the routes they set...

Here at The Nest we have a group of dedicated setters who regularly change the routes that you climb on so you never get bored.

We have 3 distinct zones and aim to reset each zone once a week on a Thursday.

This means around 25 new climbs for you to try each week so you can keep progressing and having fun.

Upcoming Sets

Thurs 5th March - Front Slabs

Thurs 12th March - Cave

Thurs 19th March  - Overhang

Meet the Team

Adam Fidler


If you're climbing on the hard stuff in the nest the chances are Adam's set it. He cut his teeth as a head setter Canada and now he's brought his skills back across the pond.

Holly Waller


Holly sets across many of the top walls in London and has found a regular spot at The Nest. She specialized in technical routes which require good footwork, so balance and the occasional heel hook with be key.

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